Sloan Kettering

After our appointments at Emory, we decided to consult with Dr. Lechowicz’s colleague, Dr. Horowitz at Sloan Kettering in New York. He is a great guy and confirmed a lot of things that I knew and did not have a lot of new remedies yet unfortunately. I was hoping! I’m thankful to have my family here. I’m going to stay up here until Tuesday either with Sheri or Carl long enough to start 1 treatment of the Brentuximab vedotin on Monday before going home. He feels this medicine will work really well for me. I’m having blood work and a needle type biopsy done today for more studies. Lisa and Paul are going back on Saturday and everyone else is staying till Sunday. I’ve got homework to do on T-cell Car T transplants done in North Carolina and at Baylor? I also need to find good donor (family member best) for Stem cell bone marrow transplant in case or when needed so all the back up plans are in place. This would be done at Emory. Trying to see the bright sides of all of this but have to admit that this is very scary stuff.

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