First Day of Chemo, by Sheri


The first day of chemo – Brentuximab Vedotin. The last good morning for her cancer!!   We slept in and then grabbed breakfast at the hotel restaurant.  We made it to the hospital for labs and then a meeting with the doctor and pharmacists. They felt like this drug will send her into remission pretty quickly so that we can prepare for the stem cell transplant.   The infusion center was great because there are individual rooms and no limit on how many people can join in on the fun J  After flying through the 30-minute infusion – in true Libby form – we decided to walk back to the hotel and stop by The Whitby Hotel for a little hotel industry research on the way.  While having drinks at the bar we met the most awesome couple – a rock star and a tech beauty.  We had such an awesome conversation, did several toasts to killing cancer and decided to meet later at our hotel’s roof top bar.  It’s the fun new people and adventures that can turn a seemingly terrible situation into something beautiful.  And, of course, Libby’s ability to make everything fun no matter what it is. Stay tuned because she may even get a cool project from our new friends J

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