The Beginning of the End of Lymphoma, by Sheri

Tuesday, the day after Libby’s first treatment, we slept in and both worked from the room for a bit then took off on a walk to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Delacroix exhibit.  It was a great showing and especially fun for Libby who loves to draw!! We spent a few hours at the museum then walked home through Central Park.  It was beautiful!  It was an amazing day taking in the sights and sounds and smells (cinnamon crepes) of New York while spending another day walking over 12,000 steps.   Libby is amazing with no real side effects from the chemo.   Since it was our last night we decided to splurge on dinner with the chef’s menu with the wine pairing at Benoit Bistro.  It was fantastic and was the perfect end to an amazing trip that starts the end of Libby’s lymphoma.

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