A Recap of the Past Few Days


I had a good visit to Sloan Kettering and although they did another biopsy and I will get the results soon, Dr. Horwitz confirmed that it is a recurrence of the same Lymphoma. While at Sloan Kettering, I received the first treatment of a targeted drug that should wipe out the tumor. The treatment is given every 3 weeks. After that first dose, I will do subsequent treatments at Emory. There are several other medicines that we can try as well as a new treatment program having to do with CAR T cells similar to a stem cell transplant. However my best bet for a full cure is through a stem cell/bone marrow transplant. The idea is to take as many rounds of this Brentuximab Vedotin (the targeted drug) needed to put me into remission and then do the stem cell transplant as soon as possible. No one knows yet how many rounds of this medicine it will take but we will be meeting with Emory’s transplant team in the coming weeks. The strongest match will come from someone in my family…Sheri, Lisa, Alex, Mom or Dad. I have personally not studied up on the transplant process yet but I understand that it causes you to be very immunocompromised and weak, needing to be in 24 hour care in the hospital for a month or two. In the meantime, I am not in pain and feel great! Let me know what’s up with you!! Sending love to all of you!

That was the view from my treatment chair!

One thought on “A Recap of the Past Few Days

  1. The Nobel Prize was recently awarded to 2 of the scientists who pioneered the research that led to the development of the new immune approach to cancer treatment. The names of the drugs all end in B!


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