Transplant on the Horizon, by Libby


Unfortunately I didn’t get to see Dr. L today. I saw her new PA Maggie who was great. She explained the Allogenic transplant process (using donor stem cells instead of your own). I got my blood typed but Sheri will need a separate lab appointment. She and Alex will be the best bets in the family. Maggie really thinks that my best match will come from the bone marrow bank. I really need a 10/10 match which has the best odds. Alex is most likely a 5/10 match. If you are older than 30, have had children or have had chemo in the past you are less likely to be a match. Also, since Lisa has had a type of Lymphoma (Hodgkin disease) she is not a likely match. Maggie discussed the transplant process in general but I will tell you more details later. It is a 3 month time frame frame to go through the process.

By the way, a little trivia for you. Everyone in the country of Germany registers. It is a source of country pride! How cool is that? That’s a lot of people helping a lot of people!

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