Good News Today, by Caroline


I had my MRI today. I think my anxiety about being claustrophobic was worse than my anxiety about the results. You see, I get claustrophobic in a crowded elevator. Very. It stems from an evening when I got stuck in a crowded elevator… That’s another story…

I took an Adavan so I could relax for it, but it turned out it wasn’t really needed. I laid face-down with my boobs in these little holes (think about when you laid on the beach and dug holes for them so they weren’t squished – same concept) and my face rested comfortably in a little cushioned donut like when you get a massage or chiropractic adjustment. The fact that I was face down and had my own little space where my head rested, it didn’t matter to me when they rolled me into the chamber. Yes, it was very loud, even ear-muffed. But it was FINE!  Ok, so maybe the Adavan did its job, but it was a piece of cake.

The real plus? I got a power nap this afternoon… No, actually, the real plus is that Dr. Amerson already called me to tell me that my results were in. There is nothing else going on – just the one cancerous spot. No lymph nodes involved, and the right breast is normal. Yay! Onward!

I meet with my plastic surgeon tomorrow and Dr. Amerson on Friday. So more details will follow soon.

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