My Thoughts about Social Media, by Caroline

IMG_3345Social media: I’m one of those people who really likes social media. Not when it gets political or when people are nasty to each other. I ignore all of that because it is so divisive. Facebook and Instagram keep me in touch with so many people that I care about all over the world, and all the dog pages I follow make me laugh every time I log in. But I’m also aware of this phenomenon where people tend to only share the fun, sunny side of life.

I love my life. I am married to an amazing man. I’m proud of all of our kids. I have incredible friends. I tend to focus on the positive. Always have, always will. Yes, I have down times, but even when everything hits the fan, I search for the silver lining and focus all of my energy on that. It’s a choice I make. Authentically.

So, with authenticity being part of my core, I feel like I need to be authentic and share that while all of this wonderful stuff is in my life, I also was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. It was caught very early and is, as my breast specialist calls it, a “nice” cancer. I have a MRI, and consults with my plastic surgeon and my breast specialist this week. I will learn more about everything soon. What I do know is that with my family history, I will have a double mastectomy. This was an easy decision for me. I actually made the decision ten years ago when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I have struggled with whether to even put this out there on social media because I do not like attention, I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me. My breast cancer journey is NOTHING compared with what some of my closest friends are dealing with. Women go through this every day. I simply put it out there to be authentic.

And, as my dear friend Libby reminded me, “You still need prayers.” And as my husband reminded me, “You have been blessed to have prayed for so many people over the years – why would you deny others the joy/blessing of being able to support you in prayer?”

My previous experience of being open and honest about a journey on social media was during Julia’s recovery from her accident. By the way, we just celebrated 5 years since that life-changing day. She literally had prayer warriors from all corners of the earth fighting for her. I have never felt more surrounded by light than during that dark time in our lives. It’s hard to explain. It was an easier decision for me to share that experience because I knew how much we needed every prayer warrior available. It is much harder to ask that for yourself, at least for me.

So, I am probably not going to post a lot of this journey on social media because I’m just not totally comfortable with that platform for this. I do have a place where I am sharing it, so just direct message me if you feel compelled to stay in closer touch and I will let you know how to do that.

My husband and I will continue to go on adventures and I will continue to focus on the positive and what I can control. As Kimberly Killebrew always says, “Onward!”

(I posted this on Instagram and Facebook today. Just thought it belonged here too.)

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