Decisions, Decisions, by Libby

Wow, lots of information to absorb and pray about this week and still lots of homework to do. Reflecting on MD Anderson. It was incredibly organized and in one full morning, I met with the transplant team and the PA assigned to me, got a thick guide on preparing, and going through a transplant, everyone’s direct phone numbers, and met with Dr. Nieto for his recommendation and finished with a financial consult! It was a short trip packed full.

The bottom line from MD Anderson: Nieto recommended an Autologous approach (using my own cells) using an unique proprietary blend of medications (GemBuMel) that is a bit different from the standard of BEAM. He believed that this would do the trick and be less harsh on my body. Problem so far is that my Humana won’t cover a transplant there! Ugh…

Yesterday, we met with Dr. Waller at Emory and he was equally as impressive with his recommendation of a Allogenic transplant (with outside donor cells) with a convincing argument that my long term relapse is less likely because I will have the benefit of someone else’s immunity since mine has not worked so well to kill this cancer. I have had my blood typed and they have entered it and I have over 20 perfect bone marrow donor matches! Praise the Lord! He said that was highly unusual and he had to put more paper in the printer just to print them all out!

I now have more homework to do, possibly another consult at Mayo Clinic in Rochester and some insurance issues to work on. I got my 2nd dose of Brentuximab Vidotin yesterday as well and I am shooting for to have the chosen treatment sometime the first part of the year.

My prayer: Father, give us the strength we need to stand unshakeable in the face of all that opposes us. Help us to “Put on the full armor of God so that we can take our stand against the devil’s schemes.” Amen.  -Ephesians 6:11

7 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions, by Libby

  1. Yes, praying for you and your decision, and praying for a full recovery! Kathy is right, we all stand with you.


  2. You are truly one special person coming from one very special family. I love you dearly! You are such an inspiration.


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