More Doctor Appointments, by Libby

I am at Dr. Bouloux’s Office (oral surgeon) this morning waiting on a follow up from biopsy. I will ask him about the scar tissue issue. The tumor scar tissue has adhered to my jaw making it difficult to drink and eat and to some extent talk!

On another note, I have scheduled a consultation with Dr. Horowitz at MSK for November 12th at 9:30 while I am in town for the BDNY show from the 10th-14th. I want to know what they would recommend if I stay at MSK for transplant and get Dr. Horowitz’s final recommendation. Melissa will be with me for the convention and will go with me to tape the conversation.

Also, I have an appointment with Steve Ansell on 29th of November which was the first available. Unlike MSK, they want me to call and authorize the release of my records and have them sent to Mayo. I will be working on that with Emory, MSK and MDA in the coming weeks.

At some point I will take the time to write some God things and fun stories. There are little blessings that I am receiving every hour:) big smiles, beautiful sunsets, kisses and hugs!

Just finished with Dr Bouloux and he doesn’t feel comfortable doing anything to relieve the scar tissue at this point. Wants to wait till after the transplant. The skin is basically adhered to the bone! and not much to work with. It will help to do a procedure later after transplant possibly. The tumor actually ate away some of the muscle. Great!:( Ugh!!

I’ve included some photos from Jenny’s fun Halloween party!

To be continued…

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