Post-Op Day 2, by Caroline

The Boob chicken salad Mom made me!

My husband posted some information of the past couple of days and Libby updated my surgery eve eve post in a comment, but thought I would just put it all here too.

My surgery went even better than expected. Lymph nodes were negative and Dr. Amerson was able to get all of the breast tissue out but left my skin well vascularized. The great news about that is that Dr. MacKay was able to put the expanders in on top of my lats instead of having to cut the muscles and put them underneath that muscle. This should shorten my recovery time and make the pain resolve more quickly as well. He also filled the expanders with air so they are full but are not adding any weight with any saline. I came home from the hospital yesterday and I actually felt pretty good. Sheri, Libby and Carl brought us dinner and we helped them celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary (they drank champagne and I stuck with my pain meds). I tried to get them to go out to dinner but they came to hang out with us instead. Made me feel very special.

Today, the pain was definitely worse and I also ended up with a migraine. So today was not such a great day. I am trying to change up my medicine a little bit because honestly the migraine was worse than the other pain. I’ve been watching a lot of mindless TV shows to just stay distracted.

Jim and my mom tag teamed milking my drains and helping me with my medicine. Believe it or not, I can’t even take the top off of the prescription bottles yet. Who knew that you use your chest muscles to do that?

Diana brought us an amazing dinner tonight. So I was up out of bed for a bit but am back in bed now. I get tired pretty easily. I’m glad I went into this surgery in decent shape. Even just changing positions in bed is hard because I can’t use my arms. I now appreciate core strength at a whole new level.

Gonna set alarms tonight so I take my meds and stay ahead of the pain, which I did not do last night.

That’s all I have the energy to type right now. Hopefully tomorrow is easier, not harder!

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