In the Groove, by Caroline

One of my devotionals last week focused on grooves. It has really made me reflect a lot. The premise is that when we respond to life with gratefulness, it creates a groove in your neural pathways. Every time we practice/respond with gratefulness, that groove gets a little deeper. This deepening groove becomes so deep that we begin to naturally respond that way because that is the path we are traveling. The same thing happens with negative thought patterns. Complaining or reacting harshly to things that happen also create a groove in your neural pathways.


I’m so thankful to generally have a positive outlook, and I know that I tend to focus on the positives of any situation. But I love that there is science that says we can ACTUALLY train our brains to dig that groove.


I am now 6 weeks post-op and am doing great. I had to have more fluid aspirated last week, but no problems at all.


Dr. Austin, my oncologist, ran some tests that show I am perimenopausal, which I suspected. My FSH is 48.5 (above 23 is post menopausal) and my Estradial is 83 (below 31 is post). So, with one hormone, I am post and the other I am pre. This apparently means I am “peri” menopausal, or part of the way through it.


Dr. Austin wants me to go on Tamoxifen (no chemo since my oncotype score came back low-yay!!) for 5 years to keep anything new from growing in my body by blocking estrogen production in my ovaries and adrenal glands. This will throw me into menopause sooner than later. Obviously, this is inevitable anyway. So, all is well. I just have hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings to look forward to. But I am hoping that since I seem to be halfway through menopause and haven’t had any of that yet, that it won’t affect me much. 🙂


Staying in that groove!

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