The Libby Ring, by Sheri

I created The Libby Ring in honor of my beautiful sister when she was diagnosed with cancer yet again. My goal?  To shift my feelings of helplessness and frustration into something positive.  It is a reminder to whomever wears it to send love, prayers and positive energy to her while she fights this disease.

The cheerful and uplifting Peridot is her birthstone and has been cherished since ancient times for its healing properties and beautiful color.  The words we speak in our minds and out loud tell our bodies what to believe and how to behave.  By focusing on the hand-inscribed “Every Cell Is Well” on the inside of the ring band, we create positive energy in our bodies and lives and send it to the ones we love. With friends and family all wearing the ring, we only increase the love and positive energy!  It makes me think of Matthew 18:20 – “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Libby is on my mind a lot. However, every time I look down at my hand, whether putting on makeup, driving, working on my latest piece of jewelry, or brushing my teeth before I go to bed, I think about Libby and send up a little prayer.

As children, our parents always led by example and taught us to see the silver lining in every situation. Seeing the good and knowing that there is a blessing in every storm has instilled a sense of resiliency in us.  It’s how we have gotten through a lot of storms.

If you would like to buy a Libby Ring for yourself, I have priced them so everyone can afford them: $49. Each ring is lovingly hand-crafted and hand-engraved on the inside. And if you have someone else that is battling cancer and you want all of your friends and family to have a Libby Ring, let me know and we can discuss that. You can re-name it for your struggling loved one. Nothing would make me happier than to have these rings everywhere. I can hear it now! It’s a Susan Ring, Cathy Ring, Christine Ring, Natalie Ring, John Ring, whoever!

To order a Libby Ring, please click here. Remember, I will need the ring size for the finger on which you plan to wear it. Most of us wear it on our pinky, but it’s up to you!

Oh- and a portion of the sale of each ring is donated to the American Cancer Society.

Ring description: Sterling silver band with a Peridot gemstone and the inscription “Every Cell Is Well”




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