Gearing Up, by Libby

I am gearing up for the big transplant at Emory after talking with so many incredible doctors across the country and praying for guidance. I have been to Emory, MD Anderson, Sloan Kettering and Mayo Rochester and have spoken to the top doctors in the field of rare T-cell Lymphoma.

After learning so much about the disease and my specific situation, I have decided on an Allogenic transplant with an unrelated donor and will be starting the procedure on February 20th at Emory. The actual transplant will be on the 25th of February after some intense chemo to wipe out my immune system and bone marrow. I will be in the hospital for 30 days and then will be at home for 3 months with 24-hour care. Sheri is planning to move in with Carl and me during this time. Sweeet!

Mom and Dad, Lisa and a few close friends will be in and out too. I’m in great hands. Although the Allogenic carries much more risk than the Autologous transplant (my own stem cells) due to the threat of Grafts vs. Host disease, it is my best chance for a durable cure. I am scared but will be ready on the 20th to put my heart and soul into the process and am trying to look at it like an adventure. 😜

My 6th and final round of Brentuximab Vidotin was January 17th. I have been getting infusions every three weeks since October 1 2018. It has worked really well to attack my CD-30 tumor cells! My only symptoms have been a rash with lots of itching and a bit of neuropathy in my right arm and hand. Based on my last PET scan, I was actually in remission after 3 rounds but I’m glad to have more time to visit with friends, get things situated and organized at home, go on a ski trip with Alex and friends and family and make sure things are completely covered at the office. We currently have 25 hotel projects ongoing. Yikes! My business partners Jenny and Melissa will do a great job while I am away.

We will do our best to keep this blog updated as much as possible. I appreciate all your comments and prayers of support so much. “Every cell is well!” Oh- and people have been asking how they can get a Libby Ring- just click here to learn more.Winnie the Pooh

9 thoughts on “Gearing Up, by Libby

  1. Good luck over these next few weeks preparing for the “adventure”!! Your heart is in the right place to face this challenge! Let God handle the rest ❤️
    Sending love and prayers, Sara Jeffery (friend of Lisa’s)


  2. Libby, we are praying for you and you aee on prayer list here. Know you will do well. Love, Harriet and John

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  3. Libby, you are inspirational. Your strength is enviable. God’s speed on your “adventure”. Know that you have (and have had) our prayers for your safe journey.


  4. Libby, you are in our prayers every day! I can’t wait to get my ring so I can give yo a little kiss every morning….YOU are amazing….we are here for you and Carl and the whole Sims family! Love you my sweet sister!!!!


  5. My dearest Libby, I will be with you all the way! Many prayers are going up for you! We are going to conquer this thing! All my love, Metty


  6. Dearest Libby, thank you for this beautiful message. You are ready for this adventure. You are far from the average patient…you’re a warrior, girl! And you have a wonderful team of doctors along with loving friends and family who are with you all the way and sending up some mighty prayers. Can’t wait to celebrate with you on the other side of this! Sending big hugs and much love, Edith


  7. Dearest Libby, What a wonderful and inspirational friend you. You are a gift to everyone you meet. I wish with all my heart you did not have to go through this, but you are strong and have faith and I know you will get through this. I just know it. We are with you in spirit and will be praying for you every day. All my love to you and your family my dear friend.


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