Every Cell is Well Today, by Libby

I am laying in my oval soaking tub as it fills with clean really warm water. I can feel the lapping of the water on my belly as the tub fills. The sun is shining on my face so brightly like I am laying on a towel at the beach imagining the light waves lapping onto the shore.

I am sipping my nutrient filled chocolate shake while envisioning every cell is well.

Thank you Lord for these things…you’re beautiful world, my healthy body, my friends and family, these happy, joyful thoughts and feelings. My mind drifts and I can hear the seagulls and the children playing and in the distance a radio channel is playing Jimmy Buffet’s margaritaville.:)

Life is good. God is great:).  I am grateful.

Oh, now it’s time to scurry and get ready for a meeting!

2 thoughts on “Every Cell is Well Today, by Libby

  1. Love your bright spirit and your love for the LORD! Keeping you in my prayers and thinking of a soak in my tub, wondering if I can conjure the seagulls:)))) Love you amazing lady!!!


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