What Matters Most, by Libby

sharpen the saw
Right now my focus is living life as if each day were my last. Making my lists and checking things off. Some things are starting to fall off the list… Like being a guest lecturer at the Auburn interior design program for my friend and professor Coleman Mills. A trip to NYC to interview for a new Hotel project, three annual industry conferences I usually attend, a ski trip in March…etc. It’s ok.

My focus right now is on what matters most. All of the different “Me’s” are coming into play. My role as a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, colleague and boss. I first learned this philosophy from my late brother Bill after he attended the “What matters most” seminar put on by the Franklin Covey team. Covey teaches that you must first “sharpen the saw,” meaning that you first need to take care of your self before you can fulfill your important roles effectively. I am laser focused on keeping my body fit, my mind sharp and my relationship with God strong. I’ve been praying and meditating this morning, making my daily “to do” lists for each “me” and I’m heading to kick boxing class at 10:00 before starting a busy day of calls, proposal writing and manpower decisions. I will be continuing to ask myself, “What matters most?”

Last night I returned from a trip to Tallahassee to be with my dear friend and business partner, Jenny, and her family for the funeral and celebration for her father Chuck “Coon” Carroll. Then I drove to Auburn and had a great visit with Alex to check on the progress of the townhome we are building at Mimms Trail. My longtime friend and college freshman roommate, Ellyn Hix, and her husband, Bob, hosted me at their beautiful home and gave Alex and me tickets to the Auburn/Alabama basketball game. It was a fast paced exciting game and we won by 21 points! War Eagle! I also got to see my friend and retired women’s golf coach, Kim Evans! I unfortunately missed seeing my “life changing” design professor Gaines Blackwell.

This week I am heading to an appointment with Carl to check on his normal pressure hydrcephalus status on Tuesday and spending Wednesday and Thursday going though many transplant evaluation tests at Emory. (Lab work, meetings with social worker and transplant coordinator, EKG, Echocardiogram, CAT scan, Pulmonology function test, Bone Marrow Biopsy and more lab work etc!)

I will see Dr. Waller next week and sign all of my consents! Yikes!

Thursday afternoon and Friday I’m flying to Charleston to kick off our Hartness Hotel project and do some research and visit popular restaurants, bars and hotels that he likes! Fun!

Better go sharpen the saw! Life is good!

2 thoughts on “What Matters Most, by Libby

  1. Libby,
    what a treat to be with you last week. You are in a good place, you always are. You are loved! Every day. I love my ring Sheri made me. It reminds me every day the friend I have. One foot in front of the other, each day, my friend!

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