Slow Burn, by Libby

control-burning-53614_1920Today in order to put the chemo poison in perspective, I’m thinking about the analogy between a  “controlled burn process” in the forest and the poison of chemo making way for new growth of donor cells! When the farmers set the forest on fire it is in order to burn off all of the weeds and brush and smaller trees so that the good trees can grow bigger and taller. The residue from the fire puts nitrogen and other nutrients into the soil to help the good trees grow bigger. … just like the donor’s cells growing to make me healthy!

6 thoughts on “Slow Burn, by Libby

  1. Libby,
    We’re sending positive thoughts and encouragement to you for your “journey”. You’re the best!! Know there will be lots of special prayers for you this week and as you recover.
    Hang in there! You will beat this!
    We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!!
    Love, The Guice’s


  2. I love this and it is so appropriate, making way for the new healing cells!! You’ve got this!! Love you, praying for the path, the healing, the journey! God bless you sweet, STRONG lady:)) 😘🙏🏻


  3. Libby, My first thoughts this morning were of you – my thoughts & prayers will be with you and your team at Emory today especially – you are so strong, brave, smart & loved. May the support of all of those cheering for you give you added strength on this journey❤️
    Much love, Jennifer


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