Appreciation & Surrender, by Sheri


As I’ve been with my sister for the last week watching her go through so very much and noticing how she handles everything with such grace, a happy heart and kindness toward everyone, it is a testament to the person that she is.

Watching as she is being hooked up through her tri-fusion three pigtail central line – I am struck by her strong but scarred body.  I notice her reconstructed breasts right below her thyroid removal scars, right below her chin that was ravaged by her lymphoma tumor.  There is not one ounce of her being that has ever considered giving up or that she can’t fight this and win.

I am also filled with appreciation and love for the beautiful soul that donated her actual bone marrow for my superhero sister.  That is one of the most selfless acts I have ever witnessed and I am humbled and forever thankful to her for saving Libby’ life.  Being with Lib 24/7 is the biggest blessing for me.  I don’t think I would be able to function in the real world not being able to keep my eye on her.  It is one of the first times since my kids left the nest that I actually feel useful and know that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.  God worked this out for me starting with losing my job last March.  He provides what you need when you need it and I look at that as a huge blessing.

In my heart I have surrendered everything to my God, and I am trusting Him with everything.  No matter what happens I know he is there for me and I truly believe he is curing Libby.  With Him by my side, I can handle anything – I just have to trust beyond my weak mind.


15 thoughts on “Appreciation & Surrender, by Sheri

  1. Oh I have just cried tears of joy and praise! Surrender what a true testimony both you Sheri and Libby! I love you both! Onward! Every cell is well!!

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  2. Just beautiful Sheri!!!

    I just attended a large work conference that Libby usually attends. I was not surprised that every single person that I spoke with, talked about how much they loved Libby and how she has touched and changed their lives for the good. This is who she is….one of the most giving, loving, and compassionate souls you will ever meet. You have an army of cheerleaders who are lifting you up in prayer Libby! We ALL love you so dearly!!!

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    1. Awe Jenny! Thanks for passing along the army of cheerleaders thought of them lifting me up! I think of you everyday! Hoping all is well with you, your family and our team. Yay for the tripod! !


  3. Sheri that is so beautiful. Just like both of you! I am so happy to get your reports and sounds like great news. Thank you for your updates and we are cheering and sending our live and prayers from St.Louis!💚


    1. Thanks Janelle….for the kicking hard on the bag for me! I can feel it! You have always been my best inspiration on the back row of badasses. You rock! Can’t wait to be back on the bag! Xo


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