Libby’s New Marrow, by Caroline

I don’t know if you know this, but Libby has a gift of prayerful visualization. I know this because I have experienced it.

When my daughter, Julia, was paralyzed, literally at the MOMENT that Libby was visualizing Julia’s toes moving, I sent her a video of her toes moving!  It was a powerful moment in my personal faith journey. I truly believe Libby is a powerful prayer warrior.

Why do I bring that up? Because, to be honest, for the first week that Libby was in the hospital, I was filled with sadness (that I couldn’t take this journey away from her), fear (of the unthinkable), and frustration (hasn’t she and her family been through enough already?). I’m rarely in a funk, but I was.

Sweet Sheri gently pulled me out. She encouraged me that it was ok and to allow myself to really FEEL it. And then, yank myself right out of it! Because Libby is going to be ok! She might feel crummy for a few weeks and she needs all the prayers and help she can get, but she is going to conquer this! Thank you, Sheri.

What helped me yank myself out? Remembering Libby’s power of visualization. I decided THAT is what I would focus on. So, I envisioned this cute little happy bone marrow cell searching her new blood vessels to try to find a new home. She finds a bone and realizes that it’s going to be an amazing home! She starts envisioning all the great things that she and her friends could do with the place to make it feel like home. So she calls to all her friends and invites them in and they are all so excited about their new home. It’s just as nice as their old home and everything is going to be just fine! So all the little bone marrow cells start filing in like a line of little ants. And they are all so happy.

And then that visualization morphed into deciding to make it a little storybook (yes, I used to be an elementary school teacher), which morphed into making it into movie on a rainy Sunday afternoon. So, I decided it doesn’t matter that I am not an artist and had fun with it. I wanted to share it so all of you who follow this can join in this visualization of all of her happy marrow cells settling in to their new home. Visualization is a powerful way to pray.

6 thoughts on “Libby’s New Marrow, by Caroline

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! Visualize and breathe out as you repeat, All cancer cells out!! Breathe in, ” all new healthy happy cells come on in:))))” So powerful! Love and hugs to Libby!!! Love you!


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