The Doctor’s Checklist

checklistThis is the kind of checklist we have on the bone marrow transplant floor.

  • Mouth sores? No
  • Neuropathy? No
  • Nausea? Yea
  • Headache? Yea
  • Kidneys look good
  • Liver looks good
  • Platelets?

Well, so Libby did have to get some platelets because the count got lower than they want. So far, she has not needed a blood transfusion and she is hoping to avoid that. Sometimes it can cause some issues with the host vs graft situation. Want to avoid that!

Some of you who are texting her may be wondering if she is ok when she doesn’t respond right away to you. She is doing great, in the context of all this and is actually staying pretty busy. What’s she doing, you ask?

  1. Work. Yep. Can’t keep her away from trying to keep up with everything going on at the office.
  2. Prep for the house for when she goes home. From her hospital bed, she is orchestrating some work she wants done on the house. She will be sequestered there for quite a while once she is released from the hospital. So she’s trying to get some projects done while she is away so that she can relax and enjoy being home.
  3. Alex’s Spring Break. He is getting ready to go to England for Spring Break so she is weighing in on what he is packing. She is super excited for his trip and is glad to be feeling well enough that he is confident to go.
  4. Alex’s Song Writing. Alex has been serenading her and sending her the lyrics to his latest song for her feedback. FaceTime is a wonderful thing!

So, no worries if you don’t hear back from Libby. Just check back here. We are doing our best to update here more often. She reads all of the comments and well wishes here as well, even if she doesn’t respond to them all. She is overwhelmed by all the love.

Yesterday, they celebrated 4 new birthdays on her floor. It is a joyous sound to hear the nursing staff singing Happy Birthday at the top of their lungs to others going through this journey. We hope their journeys are boring too!

5 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Checklist

  1. Libby, I had a birthday yesterday, too. My birthday wish, I thought about all day, and you stayed in my mind upfront and fore mist. My birthday wish is for you to move through this as efficiently and as pain free as possible. So glad you were with me all day. It made my day. Jeep strong and carry on. Love you, keep updating. Oh, ask Sherri about my ring? I can’t wait to have you on my little finger.


  2. God is holding you in His hands! So happy to hear you are feeling well! Alli is so excited for Alex to be in London! She said he will be there one day while we are there. So we get to see him! We will send you pictures! Love you!


  3. Libby, wanted to let you know that we are all praying for you everyday. I’m glad I can come to this site and read about how things are going and smile at all the love that is pouring your way. Love you lady! Keep on fighting the fight. So darn proud of you and your family.


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