IMG_1273I always feel like I have angels from God watching over me and my family.  It’s a warm, comforting feeling and calms my nerves when I would otherwise feel anxious.  Libby believes that our brother Bill comes to her in the form of a bird or more specifically a Cardinal – or maybe even a candle.  We have a set of three flameless candles in our room at the hospital that our beautiful sister Lisa bought for Libby.  About two weeks ago, I turned all of them off, but one of them keeps popping back on by itself right when we need it.

Today is the perfect example of that.  These are the most challenging days during what the doctors call the basement period (we call it the Wine Cellar), and Libby is struggling with fainting spells and nausea.   This morning she had a little fainting spell when she got out of the bed.  Luckily, we got her back into her bed with no consequences, and she fell back asleep. As I watched her sleeping, I looked over and our Angel candle had popped on.  It made me feel like everything was going to be ok.  Pretty much on a daily basis, it will pop on, flicker for a bit until we are sure we are surrounded with love, and then quietly turn itself off. It’s probably just a short but we are going with straight up Angel!

We have angels we can’t see and angels we can see, including our amazing parents who are always here by Libby’s side lifting her up and making sure she is happy and remembers how much she is loved.  Metty and Doc have been right here during this challenging ordeal and although they have been through so much as parents, they never lose their positive outlook and resilient attitude.   They lead by example and are the reason that no matter what goes on in life, our family has always been really close, supportive and handles adversity with humor and determination.  We are so very thankful for them!! And for all of you out there praying and sending positive vibes!!

Every Cell Is Well! Libby is on track with the waiting game.  It might be another week before engraftment starts so keep sending those prayers.  Lots of Love!!

5 thoughts on “Angels

  1. So glad that your spirits are high and the angels are watching over you! Your whole family is in my thoughts and prayers on a daily basis! Look forward to hearing from your updates on a regular basis!!🙏🙏🙏


  2. These are Amazing stories … and such a Journey of LOVE. Our Prayers are ongoing for your complete healing and these updates make us feel we’re there, with you, physically … we are Certainly there Spiritually <3. Love You!!

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  3. I totally believe your angel candle is Gods work to let you know that he is with you! Oh what a blessing! Lifting you up for faith, peace, heavenly healing!
    We have a Joshua jar prayer rock on our kitchen island with you sweet name on it ! It is decorated with bright colors, just as you are bright, colorful and so full of life! It has key prayer words on it and on the back, “All cells are well”! ❤️😘.

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    1. I love this Ann! Thanks for your constant love and support! I would love more details about the Joshua jar! Hope all is well with you and Steve.


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