Who Needs Hair When You’ve Started Engrafting?


Ok. So, the good news or the bad news first? Let’s start with the bad news to get that out of the way.

No more hair. Once it starts falling out from the chemo, the best way to handle it is to embrace it and shave it off. Not before having a little fun with a mohawk! Metty is working on finding some new wigs for Libby to try on, so we shall see how that goes.

On to the good news! She is engrafting already! Her white blood count has risen to .4. This is HUGE!!!!!!!! It was .1 at the end of last week. The doctors originally thought it would take longer for her new marrow to start engrafting (due to getting actual bone marrow – counter intuitive, but how they explained it).  Instead she is surprising her care team every day with her “boringness” and  improvement!

All of the Prayer Warriors out there, please keep it up! Please join us in prayers of gratitude for how well Libby is tolerating all of the side effects, how well her body is accepting these new cells, and continued engraftment! We are so thankful for all of you!

And, if this gives you any idea of how Libby is dealing with all this? What better way to conquer nausea and generally not feeling awesome? How about pretending she is in a spa?


16 thoughts on “Who Needs Hair When You’ve Started Engrafting?

  1. Oh Libby! Love the Mohawk…that’s the wind style to find, then dye it bright blue! So ‘you’…lol. I love you Libby! Keep up the great work of engrafting..I’m thinking of you constantly…


    1. Thanks Sharon! I appreciate your positive thoughts and energy flowing out there. I feel it!
      I hope to get home tomorrow or Friday. Unbelievable! And although I will Be immunosuppressed for another 3 months with many restrictions but I have a great support team with Sister Sheri, Mom and Dad, Carl and some dear friends. I’m honestly just afraid that since I can’t do alot of things like before, like…take care of gardening things or tend to indoor plants, can’t have fresh flowers and can’t sleep with my Watson etc. I might get rather bossy! Cross your fingers! Love you!


  2. Libby—you are gorgeous with or without hair, but I am so thrilled with the state of your cells—- keep up that engrafting! And here’s to morevspa days indeed. Love you! Jane

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    1. That is Sister Sheri and awesome friend Caroline. I love the poems. Please keep sending. It’s some of the best poetry I have read! Love you!


  3. Oh I remember my hair shaving day and we also turned it into a fun affair! Praises going up for your progress and early and continued engrafting!! Love you and keep it up!! 😘🙏🏻

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  4. Go Libby!! Congratulations on engrafting!!
    You look great in all the photos, although you might get carded if you sport the Mohawk!! 😉
    Before you leave the “wine cellar”, pick out a few really nice bottles to try when you’re feeling better!! 😊
    Sending positive thoughts and praying for you all.

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    1. Thanks John!!! You have been a source of positivity and support through this whole ordeal. Thank you for your encouraging words!
      I love you! Give your Mom and the rest of your family hello!


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