.9! Wooo hooo!

If you’ve ever said a Woo Hoo with Libby, today is a good day to join her in one! The original date that the doctors hoped to discharge Libby to isolation at home, as a best case, was March 21. She is doing so well, they are thinking it will be earlier! Her numbers continue to climb and her white blood count was .9 at the last blood draw, up from .6 yesterday. Yay!!!!!! 

At the Patrick house right now, you can hear the sounds of flurrying around, getting lots done!

They are cleaning out duct work, putting in hardwood floors in the master and closets and deep cleaning. Buying air purifiers, cleaning rugs, getting dogs groomed, cleaning upholstery, etc. Now that the timeline may be moved up, they have shifted into high gear to get it done as quickly as possible.

This is from Libby:

Miracles and His GRACE! I cannot tell you all how good it feels to be at this point. My sweet unselfish, brave donor! I am blessed beyond comprehension. Thanks everybody for your love and prayers! I feel lifted up! Xoxo

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