She’s OUT!


Wait, what??? Yes, the doctors started the day yesterday saying that she would most likely be discharged today.

But as the day went on, they decided to discharge her right away! They prefer she continues to heal NOT in the hospital where there are so many different germs and bugs.  It is both scary and VERY exciting! This is way ahead of schedule. Remember, March 21st was the optimistic discharge date originally.

Since her family hasn’t gotten all of the work done on the house finished (see yesterday’s post about everything they are doing to make sure the house is as sterilized as possible), Libby is staying at a relative’s house near the hospital for a few days. She is currently at Dr. Waller’s office for lab work and to meet with him about next steps.

We know that so many of you want to come visit her, but the doctors insist that she remains basically in isolation even though she is out of the hospital. So it will probably be a while until visitors are allowed.

As of right now, they do not need meals either, but thank you to so many who have offered. Libby’s fabulous mom, Metty, is in the kitchen! If a meal train becomes helpful at some point, we will definitely let you know.

So, the specific prayers? That these new cells keep loving their new home and making new cells. That she stays healthy and free from any bug out there. That her sweet donor is thriving and doing well. That her home renovations continue smoothly. That all of her family feels loved and lifted up.

Every Cell is Well!

12 thoughts on “She’s OUT!

  1. HI Libby, Congratulations. lady… I am sending you a few pics of a CEU with some antique designers. Look for them.


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