The New Look to Go Along with the New Cells

Check out Libby’s new “do!”

She has a new wig and several really cute hats that she is sporting these days. She is so grateful to be recuperating at Aunt C and Uncle R’s house until her house is ready for her. It’s nice to be able to sleep through the night without being poked and prodded every few hours by nurses.

She had an appointment Friday with her transplant oncologist, Dr. Waller, and everything is on the right track. White blood count was 1.2, neutrofils were 600 and hemoglobin was 11.8. Every number is doing what it should. She has another appointment on Monday.

Staying on top of her nausea has been really important as that is still a constant reminder of all that is going on in her body. It looks like she raided the pharmacy with the number of pills she has to take daily! She has gone for a walk each day (with her mask on). It’s so great for her to be catching Spring and all of the new beginnings all around her! Carl has brought Watson to visit several times, which is a huge boost for Libby’s heart 🙂

It’s all good, as Libby would say.

Specific prayers remain the same: continued grafting with minimal side effects, managing the side effects she does have, and keeping any and all bugs away!

Every Cell is Well!

The doctors are still limiting visitors to her immediate family. If you comment on the blog, she WILL see it and she loves staying in touch with everyone that way.

Remember to vote for Libby in the Over 40 and Fabulous contest! Click here for instructions. You can vote once daily until the end of the contest on March 31.

14 thoughts on “The New Look to Go Along with the New Cells

  1. Libby, this is from Harriet and John Lovejoy. We are so thrilled your treatment is going so well and that you are out of the hospital. We pray for you daily and I have put you on our church prayer list. Our oldest grandchild has been accepted at Auburn and FSU, and liked both. Keep up the good progress. We love you, Harriet


  2. Libby Libby Libby Libby! You are FANTABULOUS! Im smiling every day I read these excellent progress reports for you. And I’m voting for you everyday and I can’t wait to HUG you. Love love love you!🌞😘🌞😘🌞😘🌞😘🌞😘🌞😘🌞😘🌞😘🌞😘🌞


  3. Definitely a cute hair look! So happy to think of Libby in a ” real” bed without the medical trappings all around.


  4. Libby, WOW! What amazing news! Soooo sooooo happy for you! Love the new do! Although, I have to say that mohawk was awesome girlfriend. I am thinking of and praying for you each and every day. Fabulous that you are out of the hospital and resting at your Aunt and Uncle’s! I just voted for you and will each day. You are an inspiration for all of us. Love you Always. XOXOXOXO Janet


  5. Beautiful on the outside to match the beautiful on the inside! ❤️❤️Glad those new cells are EVERY one well and acting right. Stay strong pretty lady.


  6. Beautiful on the outside to match the beautiful on the inside. ❤️❤️So glad that EVERY cell is well and acting right. Stay strong pretty lady!


  7. Love it! The power of prayer is real! I love the new wig it looks so realistic she is beautiful! Continued prayers🙏🙏🙏

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  8. So happy to hear about your progress. Love the updates here.
    Continuing to pray…Every cell is well!
    P.S. your hemoglobin is higher than mine, lol.


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