Reporting in

Reporting in …..wbc 7.5! Platelets normal, hemoglobin just below normal and fine:)

She feels really great. Still challenges with nausea and appetite. Her doctor says that the reason for her fatigue is that her body is running the equivalent of a marathon everyday inside!

No mask needed in public, just stay away from people. Mask at the hospital and in really crowded places. The prograph (which helps prevent host vs graft disease), not her blood work, is keeping her a little immunosuppressed. Libby is taking medicine morning, noon and night to help her body stay on track.

So, all in all, she is doing great and her side effects are being well managed over the past few days.

Please continue to pray specifically for her body to accept these new cells as her own, that her side effects are minimal and managed, and that she and her care team rest when they need it! And, of course, please continue to pray for blessings for her sweet donor!

Remember to vote for her every day through March 31! Click here for more info.


3 thoughts on “Reporting in

  1. Rock on, Libby!!! Love that rainbow and especially the Woohoo!!! in the background. Can’t wait to hear it in person! XOXO


  2. So glad that things are going well for you, you are in my daily prayers! Love to all of your family and those who are caring for you! Love y’all, STephanie

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