A Brief Update from Libby

IMG_3654Here’s a quick little update from Libby below. As you can see she is right on track, but isn’t feeling great and still needs your prayers!!

Great to be home! Mom’s been cooking good stuff. Been nauseated a lot. Ugh! Still construction and painting going on. Great to be with Watson! 

Had lab work done yesterday. We were really late getting out of Emory due to needing more fluids and some blood cultures and an antibiotic. Blood pressure was really low, creatinine was high. Potassium is high. Part of the process. Ugh. All is still ok but they are suspicious there may be an infection in my port. Should have results late today.

Overall: Just bouts of nausea and fatigue and low blood pressure, still dehydrated as much as I drink. Creatinine is higher, lost another pound and a half.


17 thoughts on “A Brief Update from Libby

  1. Suzanne and i are here praying for your full and immediate recovery………..
    these little set backs much be frustrating, but it seems you are way ahead of early predictions! Keep it up.

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  2. Wooo hooo, five weeks new and you look great!! You are rocking the process!! We’re all praying and sending positive thoughts that you will soon feel as strong as your smile is beautiful!!
    You’re in good hands with your sweet Mama.
    Love you,

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  3. Hang in there Libby! So sorry you have the nausea. Hope the lab results were good and no infection. I pray for you every day and voted for you every day until 3/31! You are my heroine and an amazing warrior woman! How blessed you are surrounded by such a loving family. I think we should plan a long overdue beach spa girls’ weekend when you are ready to let off some steam! Sending you love, light, rainbows, dancing stars, humming birds with the nectar of life, joy and gratitude… that you are in our lives and such a force of nature. Big hug and lots of kisses, your “Yankee” girlfriend! (aka Janet!)


    1. Janeet!
      Thanks for your kind words, your love and support! Also for your votes. You are so thoughtful! Yes, we need to do a beach trip as soon as I am able to be over 30 minutes away from Emory! I still can’t drive for a few weeks and not sure when I’ll be able to fly. All these rules! The things I love so much like gardening and cleaning out things! I have to ask my Mom or my sister to do! I feel bossy. I hope you and Spencer are doing well! Alex is doing well at Auburn!


      1. Libby!! It is okay to be bossy!! And gardening is good for everyone’s soul!! That is awesome that Alex is loving Auburn! Spencer is graduating from high school in June and is still contemplating which college to choose. He has a lot of options. All good stuff. We will definitely do a beach trip when you are totally healed. I am so looking forward to spending time with you. You are very brave Ms. Libby. May every cell be well, today and everyday! Sending you a whole lot of love and hugs. xoxoxo Janeet


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