Feeling Good

EAECAA0B-6A35-4078-BA6E-A5F3811A0B03The latest from Libby: I’m feeling pretty good. Just finishing lunch at California Kitchen after another positive appointment and labwork at Emory.

DA157085-47F0-423D-92EC-52236C78A665Dr. Waller popped in as a surprise. He said that he just wanted to say hello since I was always so fast coming in and out. He said that if you have not had to see a doctor yet in the clinic then you are doing great! He said it twice! Joel, the PA, had been in and although there are a few blood counts are low and a few that are high, he said my blood work looks perfect! Of course with caveats! Evidently at day 44 it’s perfect!

Still feeling shaky at times with off and on nausea and lots of fatigue. I’m hoping the fatigue will diminish as I continue with my cardio/full body fitness plan. Yay, I gained two pounds back since Monday! I don’t want to lose any more muscle mass than I already have. Eating more calories each day even though I have no appetite or taste seems to be working.

What a great day! Praise the Lord!

Every Cell is Well!

3 thoughts on “Feeling Good

  1. Libby, you look fantastic and so happy all is going so well. Praying big for your continued health and family well being. love and hugs


  2. Libby!!! You look absolutely beautiful! Wish I could give you a hug! I received my Every Cell is Well ring… so excited to wear it. I ordered 2 sizes as I didn’t know how big my pinkie is! I think I will give the larger one to Sue Wiggins when I see her (Sue has bigger hands than me), so she also can wear the ring and think of you and pray for your continued well being each and every day. FYI, Spencer and I were down in Charleston this weekend checking out CofC. I remembered that you might be working on a new hotel in Charleston. How fun if Spencer decides CofC is the one — we can plan to meet in that amazing city. Wishing you a blessed day full of hope, light, no nausea, energy and lots of love, always! Janeet


  3. When we were about ten-years -old. I moved onto Greenwood and we came over to your house because Schwartz (I think) had just had puppies and my mom let me have one. He was my first dog and we had him forever. After that, I would come over to play with you and all the kids in the neighborhood. Huel and someone else, maybe Stuart VanMeter, would try to be bullies and pull our hair and pin us to the ground. Do you remember that? I was so scared of them. Huel would do that thing where he’d hold you down and threaten to spit on you. I remember you saying, “Don’t let them know you’re afraid and even if you get spit on you, it won’t kill you or anything.” I remember just looking at you and thinking, she really isn’t scared! You were my first strong and brave female hero.

    Wise words from a wise little girl. Your wisdom and positivity are what have always given you strength and it is still paying off for you. I love you Libby. Hang tight. Nausea sucks. And if you throw up on someone, tell them “a little vomit won’t kill you.”


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