Every Day is a Winding Road!

57729545777__8c657e43-73db-489b-86df-c3115a9f9bc3-1.jpegIt is the morning of day +51! I’m sipping a little coffee this morning hoping it goes down ok. I am calm and meditative and taking some time to pray for what and who comes in my mind.

I have so many special people I want to thank over and over and so many things that l am grateful for. I am pausing now to think about and pray for my donor who unselfishly and anonymously saved my life. I can’t wait to meet her next year. I’m also saying special prayers for my constant caregiver Sister Sheri, Mom and Dad, Alex, Carl and Lisa, for their unselfish love and care for me as well as thanks to all of my other extended family and friends who have helped me heal and sent me so much positive energy and prayers. It has truly worked and I have never felt so much love and positive energy flowing in my life. I will be sure to pay it forward:)

In a few minutes, I’ll have some breakfast: Cheerios, blueberries and banana with my first set of medications for the morning. We will hold the pro graph capsule until after lab work (the one that keeps my body immunosuppressed to prevent GVHD). This helps them get an accurate count of pro graph level. Sheri makes sure that all of my medicines are laid out in the pillbox and marked morning, evening and bedtime. I take over 24 pills each day.

With the doctor’s permission, this week was my first outing in a car that was more than 30 miles away from the hospital. On Sunday, Carl and I drove to Auburn to see Alex and the Auburn Men’s, Women’s and Chamber choir perform their spring concert. It was spectacular. We took Alex to dinner and then drove home. Other than the rain in the early part of the day, it was beautiful! The drive down was sunny and the sky was blue with some fantastic clouds. I took some photos to inspire me to start painting. There were the dark evergreen trees mixed with the fresh bright greens of the new grass and the yellow greens lining both sides of the highway. This was a beautiful backdrop for the drive to sweet home Alabama. We listened to 70’s music and I sang each song loudly with reckless abandon. Poor Carl. Since I can’t whistle yet, due to the scar on my jaw, I wanted to make sure that my voice still worked. It definably needs work and practice. Some of the medications have made my mouth dry and my voice raspy. Lol!

We missed the start of the new season of Game of Thrones due to the trip but we have so much catching up to do. We are only on season 2 now. It’s probably best we keep plodding along to catch up! I’ve never been much of a tv watcher but I admit that this one has me a bit hooked. It’s so over the top with what went on in Medieval times that it hooks you or I suppose it desensitizes you. Yikes!

I am starting to get more strength in my legs and I’m not trembling as much. I am still fighting weight loss due to loss of appetite, lack of taste and stomach issues. I have to admit that it’s been fun to get to eat pretty much anything I want for a while…even if I can’t taste it! I am drinking protein shakes in between meals and drinking tons of water and juices. My hair has not started growing back yet so I switch between soft jersey hats and my newest wig. Otherwise I am rocking my bald head. It cracks me up every time I look in the mirror.

My mind is still a little foggy, making lots of lists, checking texts and emails 2 or 3 times before sending (if I remember to send!) and leaving my phone everywhere! My energy comes in spurts. I’m not ready for a kickboxing class yet but that is one of my goals. I am sleeping more than usual but every day is better. 🙂

I am so grateful for this chance at a new life. I’ll be happy when I can get back to work and back to more normalcy. In the meantime, “Every Cell is Well!”  Thank you all and thank you, Lord!

PS: Sheri is almost finished with everyone’s rings! Thanks for your patience. She will send or deliver ASAP!

4 thoughts on “Every Day is a Winding Road!

  1. Im so happy to read your beautiful words and to know that you are healing everyday. Prayers and love are constantly going your way!
    We love you ❤️
    Jessica and the Marro gang.


  2. Nice toes!! Good to hear that you were able to take the road trip with Carl to visit Alex!! How wonderful! So thrilled that you are doing as well as you are! When you are surrounded by love and prayer, almost anything is possible. Sending you a big hug! xoxo Janeet


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