IMG_0083I’ve been having stomach/colon issues off and on for a week. At my appointment with my doctors on Monday, my Eosinophls were high again, and with my stomach issues on top of that, they were concerned. I did find out a bit ago that I am eligible for the Grafts vs Host trial. They rate the situation 1-3 and I am a 2. Ugh. I have added 110mg of prednisone to my daily meds. I already feel better. I hope they can nip this in the bud quickly and effectively. I am going back for my routine check up Thursday at Emory and I should learn a lot more about next steps. It involves giving blood work on a regular basis for the duration of the clinical trial but seems pretty simple. I can get out of it any time. It is a way to learn more about what’s going on inside of me and to help others with this situation in the future.

I was so hoping and praying I would breeze by this Grafts vs Host disease but they have always said that a little bit of GVSD is a good thing. I am doing everything I can think of to stay healthy, eat well, try to gain weight, regular excersise and keep up with the outside world, including my office. This BMSCT process is up and down. Thank goodness for God’s goodness, love of my family and friends.

The picture above is from Easter at Mom and Dad’s house. It was my first overnight road trip in a car over 30 minutes away from Emory.

Every cell is well! Please continue praying for me! Thank you so much!

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  1. Glad you were able to travel to Decatur for Easter!! Looks like a great turn out, lots of beautiful smiles. Continuing to pray and send positive thoughts for both you and Lisa!!
    Every cell is well!!


  2. Hi Libby! Must have been great to celebrate Easter at your Mom and Dad’s house with the gang! I am so sorry to hear you have some new issues but know that I pray for you every day. Every Cell is Well! I wear my ring and think of you every day. You are one of the bravest women I know. You are on the journey of healing with many ups and downs. I pray that your days get easier and easier. Love you! Janeet


  3. Praying for your continued recovery and strength. Your giving heart is so strong and I am proud of you for choosing to participate in the clinical trial. Every cell is well!


  4. Still sounds like you are ahead of the hounds, prayers still going up love the picture of everybody, glad you got to go to mamas for a change! Say hi to everybody for me!!

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  5. I a so happy that you were able to all be together in Decatur. Family is a good medicine! I know you are strong and will get through this patch and we are keeping you all in our prayers! Take care of yourself and stay strong. Every cell IS well!


  6. Love the photo and seeing you look so amazing!!! You would never know that you were on an overnight from Emory!! Still praying girl, EVERY CELL ISSSSSSSSS WELL!!!! Love you so much, you are rocking this journey!! I just had my 8 year surgery anniversary, can you believe it?? And have my annual breast care appointment tomorrow, so fingers and everything else crossed:))))) Thinking of you and praying for you always!!! Ann & Steve


  7. Libs,

    Saw this quote and thought appropriate for you as you go through this journey:

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    —Maya Angelou

    Prayers for encouraging news from Emory tomorrow and as always continued love & prayers!
    Love ya, my dear friend! 😘❤️🙏


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