I am Grateful! (Day 69 post transplant)

It’s been a few weeks without an update and since I have been on a very large dose of steroids, I’ve been feeling good albeit jittery and I’m trying my hardest to gain weight and stay focused. Lol. I find myself bouncing from one thing to another and forgetting to press send, starting lots of things but finding it hard to finish. Not a good combination for work but I am getting some small projects done at the house and it feels busy in between my rest times.

I’m pausing this morning to write an update and focus on how grateful I feel for this extra time in the world and for the amazingly beautiful weather we are having. The many special moments, the wonderful friends and family and those of you that I have been able to re-connect with over these last two and a half years of my Lymphoma adventure. That picture is all of the cards I have gotten- they make me so happy!

The oncology and transplant team at Emory who have taken such great care of me. The God things that have happened every day! I am learning from this journey. I’m not focusing on my Grand purpose in this life, right now but rather living in the moment solving problems and then pausing to relax and have awareness about all that is happening around me. 

Sister Lisa’s Heart is compensating for damage from her Heart attack and she is thriving and heading here today. My father’s aggressive pneumonia was detected last Sunday, treated in the ER and intensive care and now he is home and healing well.

The pollen is almost gone! The office is rolling along busy but smoothly so far with Jenny and Melissa at the helm. I am able to keep my hand on the SPS pulse. Alex is coming home on Friday for the summer for an internship!

Ok, for the update. I mentioned a setback several weeks ago that presented itself with a great deal of gastrointestinal distress. I didn’t realize how awful it was at the time. But looking back, it was painful. The Emory team had been suspicious of Grafts vs. Host (GVHpD) disease attacking the lining of my digestive track. The bloodwork indicator had risen to higher levels, I wasn’t getting better with anti nausea medicines. They had checked me for infections, viruses, etc. Everyone was calm about it but they wanted to start me immediately on a huge dose of steroids for GVHD and enter me into a clinical trial with an approved drug that is likely to supplement the steroids to fight the GI attack. I am happy to say that pretty much immediately after taking the steroids and the supplemental drug, the nausea symptoms completely stopped. I am heading to the clinic today and Thursday as usual and I will know more about where things stand. I lost a few weeks of progress but I’m getting the results I need so far. They have released me to drive to the beach for a few days! Yippee!

I hope that each of you is doing well. I am here healing and including all of you in my daily prayers! Your prayers and God’s grace are working in me and I am feeling positive and lifted up more than I have ever been. This is a long process. Please keep up the love, the positive thoughts and prayers!
Thank you all!

Every cell is Well!

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.2 Timothy 1:7 

9 thoughts on “I am Grateful! (Day 69 post transplant)

  1. Libby
    You continue to define the word “Onward”
    Indeed every cell is well!
    I love you and continued prayers for all!
    I love you


  2. Wish I was going to the beach with you! It is always a healing place. Rest!!!! So glad you have some relief from your gastro problems. Love to all of you!


  3. Woo hoo fabuLibby! So excited for all these amazing news! God is good! And you are FANTABULOUS! L💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙VE YOU SO MUCH. Love and kisses. 😘😘😘😘😘


  4. OH I am so happy to read that you’re going to the beach. Enjoy the time in the sand and before you know it, Alex will be home. Thinking of you! AB


  5. Libby, so happy you get to go to the beach! I know how much you love it there and sea salt makes everything better! Love you so much. I was so happy to hear your voice the other day. What a treat that was. Heal on my friend! 🥰


  6. I hope that beach trip is just what you need to get over this hump. so good to know you’re getting some pain relief. I think of you every day, sending constant encouragement for patience and forward progress. Give ’em hell! Love you, Starr


  7. Happy Day 80!! Hope you’re having a great day!!
    So glad to know your numbers are continuing to improve, Lisa’s heart is compensating, and Bill is feeling better. God’s wonderful blessings!! Hope the steroids have given you some relief.
    We’re continuing to pray for healing and sending positive thoughts!!
    Every cell is well!!
    Jackie and family


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