Day 101!

It has been a while since I have posted an update and right off the bat, I want to tell you that I am feeling great and my bloodwork yesterday matches my feelings! It’s day 101 since my transplant on February 26 and I am filled with joy and hope for the future. I am Praising the Lord for this new lease on life.

Sheri and I were at the clinic yesterday and I got to see Dr. Waller and his team with big smiles on their faces telling me that so far, I was an example of how things can go well. Of course I can’t help but focus a little bit on the “so far”part. Due to the acute Grafts vs. Host disease that I had a month ago, I started on a huge dose of 110mg of steroids each day and now I have tapered down to 10mg each day. They stopped my liver protection medication last week but I’m still taking around 32 pills a day. Yikes! I have my first PET scan next week on the 12th and then I will see Dr. Waller for the results on the 13th. I feel confident that the scan will be completely clear with the new blood of my angel donor, however, it always strikes a cord of fear to get a test or scan. On the other hand it gives you such a sense of relief when it’s complete and clear.

I have been continuing to add hours to my SPS work load although remotely. Next week, I plan to start going into the office more regularly even if it is for short spurts of time. I am also still really busy with personal projects at home. Sometimes I wonder how I ever had time to work full time with all the things that needed to be tended to. … and maybe I have just had the time to slow down and notice the yard, the insides of cabinets, closets and storage.

At the office, things are going really well with our teams on existing hotel projects and Jenny and Melissa have just landed a new large Resort. They and our core management team are doing such an incredible job keeping things on track and I am working on a few more potential hotels prospects that are very promising. Yay!

This weekend we will be celebrating a huge milestone with Mom and Dad for their 60th wedding anniversary! Boy have they taught all of us how to keep our sense of humor and hope in the face of adversity. Those two are amazing examples of great people and parents while still finding time to help build an amazing community with their ongoing service for the greater good. We are all looking forward to toasts, roasts and dancing on Saturday night here in Atlanta.

My energy level was Euphoric on the high dose of steroids but is now tapering off. My mind is a bit spacey at times due to the real, but hopefully temporary effects of chemo and some of the medications that I still need to take for at least the next 3 months. I tend to get off track and distracted easily but I understand it could be a lot worse. I tell everyone to check my work!
Alex (who is home for the summer), Carl and I are finding time to have fun dinners together either trying new places around Atlanta or cooking Green Chef with Sheri at home.

My happy place is still outside on the deck where I am sketching, working on projects or just relaxing, praying and watching the birds. There are hummingbirds, cardinals, bluebirds, nuthatches, tufted titmouse’s, woodpeckers etc. that frequent the feeders. Watson and Ludie are usually by my side unless they are hunting chipmunks on my other happy spot, the walking trail around the back of the yard.

It is 10 laps for a mile on the the trail which I try to do everyday with my excersise program. I am halfway through my physical therapy prescription at Emory and then the hope is to be well enough to start back to my kickboxing at the gym in a few months. I still need to be careful of germs until I am off of my immune suppressor drugs hopefully in 3 to 4 months if all goes as planned! God has the plan and I am in Awe!

By the way, I did get to go to the beach and it was so much fun. I had not seen Mom and Dad for so long after Dad’s pneumonia, Mom’s diverticulitis and my immuno-compromised self. It was wonderful to hang out with them under an umbrella with our toes in the sand, eat fresh seafood and walk the dogs on the beach.

I hope each of you are doing well! I know you all are having your own struggles and celebrations and I would love to hear. Thank you for your continued love, support and prayers! It means more than you know. I feel lifted up and so very grateful for you and this precious time on the earth!

Every Cell is Well!

17 thoughts on “Day 101!

  1. hi libby. this is all such wonderful news. i am totally in awe of your wonderful attitude and joy with life!!!
    and, as an ‘invested’ bystander, i am glad SPS continues to succeed so brilliantly too 😏😬


    1. LIBBY,
      I LOVE every word of this great entry, every second of your video (hearing Sheri’s voice was a treat- give her a long hippie hug from me) and every digital point per inch of your photos (wow! Betty and Bill look, per always, so fantastically happy)!
      THERE’S NO JOY LIKE RELIEF! Your wellness thrills me for you, your friends & family and all those who’s heart you touch!
      Love to any and all Sims from Memphis,
      💋 Lee Anne


  2. Libby, I was just thinking about you last night, as I fell asleep. I always say a prayer for you. I am so happy to hear all this wonderful news. How could it be otherwise though? YOU re amazing. Your spirit and confidence are to be celebrated. I love you so much. Every Cell IS well….Jan

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  3. Great news Libby!!! Thanks so much for the update. Every cell is well!!
    Happy 60th Anniversary to Betty and Bill!! They’re a great example to us all!!


  4. Libby
    Like you I stand in Gods amazing grace! And yes we all have battles. I have won mine now onward to continue to win yours!
    I love you!


  5. Oh Libby I am so happy for you and your continued improvement! Praying for your adorable sense of humor to stay strong and for God’s strength to keep propelling you forward! Love you (and your sweet family) bunches! Lisa


  6. I’ll often say when someones happy and they show it, “I’ll have what she’s having,” but not in your case! So pleased the docs and you are pleased.


  7. So excited that everything is going well and above. Keep up the good work but don’t overdo. Give mama and dad a big O hug for their anniversary! Deidre and I Have really been hitting it hard, they brought the pod and I’ve got some guys coming to help me fill it Monday. May have to have another one, you don’t realize how much stuff you acquire as well as just furniture and I thrown away, given away donated and I still got more stuff than you can shake a stick at. We close on the 24th but since I won’t have any furniture after Monday I guess I’ll be at Tammye‘s as going to stay with her till my place comes! So ready for all of this to be over, I am too old to move but it is what it is. Love and hugs for continued good health and whatever is needed. Love you

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  8. Libby this is such wonderful news. You are amazing with your attitude and outlook on life and this is no exception! So happy you were with your parents at the beach. The beach is always the answer. I am also so glad Bill and Betty are both doing better and that you all can celebrate their wonderful life together. Love you all!


  9. Praise! Have been thinking of you oh so much, dear Libby! We’ve been in CO where there’s still snow! Thrilled to read that you’re doing so well and can’t wait to see you!❤️❤️❤️❤️


  10. Libby! SO thrilled to see this post! You’ve been on my mind and heart. We’ve been in Colorado where there’s still snow and I pictured you zipping around the slopes:) So excited to see you! Happy 60th to your amazing parents❤️❤️❤️❤️


  11. Libby! SO thrilled to read this post! You’ve been on my heart and mind. We’ve been in Colorado where there’s still snow and I pictured you zipping around the slopes:)☃️
    So excited to see you! Sending you much love and Happy 60th to your amazing parents❤️❤️❤️❤️


  12. Yippee! Been looking for an update and so glad to get one with such great promise. Keep up the good work! Glad SPS is still doing well. Love you, Libby.


  13. Great to hear this Libby! I don’t comment often, but I’m keeping tabs on you and think of you often! Oxo!


  14. So happy for this update and thank you so much for keeping all of us in the loop. We are praying for you and rooting for healthy progress each and every day! ❤️


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