A Long Overdue Update

Lots of good things have happened since my last post. “Every Cell is Well!” I had a clear PET scan a month ago! I had a colonoscopy to remove some irritated polyps and it’s all good.

Although I have completely tapered off of the muscle wasting steroids, I am still on prograph that keeps me immunosuppressed. This is why I still need to take so many medications, administered 4 times a day to prevent infections, viral, fungal and bacterial, etc. I am drinking tons of water, taking extra magnesium and a lot of supplements based on my specific DNA. The prograph helps to prevent any Grafts vs Host disease (GVHD) that might try to occur. Although I do not have a sensitivity to gluten, I am also now trying 😜to eat gluten and dairy free because most all wheat seeds having a touch of Round Up inside. Eating dairy free apparently is a good thing for my body too. I am hopeful to be able to taper off of all of these medications over the next 3 months and then just stay healthy and take medications as needed with supplements.

I have been meeting with a Doctor of Nutrition who has read my genetic traits through my “23 and Me” report. This has been fascinating to learn the things I am vulnerable to through this DNA report. I recommend that everyone do this! The analysis has led to the addition, timing and subtraction of certain medications and supplements. For example, I am now taking a couple of forms of ADP for muscle building. Evidently, my body has a huge deficit of ADP according to my DNA analysis! Who knows, I may go into body building!! Lol.

Speaking of exercise, I have picked up kickboxing classes again (taking it slow) and have been doing lots of walking. Sheri and I went on a hike with Watson and Ludie at Palisade and got to see folks having fun on the Chattahoochee!

On our recent beach trip, after slathering myself with 50 sunscreen and wearing a UV prevention long sleeve shirt, I played 9 to 18 holes of golf for 5 days in a row. Although it was hot it felt great to be out on the beautiful course flinging myself around again! And of course, I got my toes in the sand every chance I had.

My hair is growing back! It has taken a full 4 months for it to start to show. I am still enjoying my different hats – woo hoo! And I usually am wearing my wig except to exercise. It may be too itchy soon and I may have to start my new, short, “bleached hair” phase again since my hair is coming back black!

Some other important things that have happened since I wrote a post:

July 13thwas the 12thanniversary of Bill’s death. Something reminds me of him every day. Mom and Dad celebrated their 60thanniversary! Another friend (Caroline’s father, Joe) has been diagnosed with cancer – kidney and bladder. If you would like to follow his journey, you can click here to link to his website and sign up for the email alerts. Sheri is working super hard on her jewelry and has more and more new creations. Be sure to follow her Instagram.


After a month of being away from the Emory clinic I will go back to see Dr. Waller on Thursday of this week.

I will keep you posted. It has been great to get back to work, see everyone and travel again! Most work is still done remotely, and I am working hard not to get distracted and to take it easy and to not stress. I am still a bit of a mess being on all of the meds. My balance is off, I have neuropathy in my toes, I get tired easily and I get distracted constantly due to chemo brain. I am so very blessed and grateful that these are the worst symptoms that I have. All of this will get better and better over time.

Thank you to my strong support group of God, Carl, Alex and Sheri on a daily basis. Also my Mom and Dad and extended family and amazing friends and colleagues and all of you!!! who constantly reassure me that “Every Cell is Well.”

PS: Sheri, Lisa, Mom and I will be at Scott’s Antiques on August 8, 9,10 and 11 featuring Sheri’s Handmade Jewelry, Lisa’s beautiful paintings and Mom’s amazing Cookbooks! Y’all come see us!! I’ll let you know the building and booth # asap.

Love and hugs and hoping “Every Cell is Well” in each of you!

12 thoughts on “A Long Overdue Update

  1. Libby, you are amazing…I am so proud of you. I still love my ring and think of you every day when I touch it. Love to you all wonderful Sims clan!


  2. So Thankful Libby! You are so beautiful and love your joy for life and your sweet support group🥰! Every Cell Is Well! Xoxo


  3. What a great update! So glad all is well and prayers that everything continues to go like it should! will be waiting for the next update!❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  4. Hey girl! So happy to hear how wonderful you are doing and all the things you are getting back to! Sending you lots of love and hugs! Golf 5 days in the heat! I am impressed! You are blessed to have your big support group! Miss you Libby! XOXOXO Janeeet


  5. I LOVED reading this. Your hair is coming back and your toes are in the sand and you are golfing. You go girl; you are my hero. Sending happiness your way. Love Allison


  6. Lib, it was great to see you, Carl, and Alex together. Glad you are on the mend and keeping the vitamin companies in business. Hang in there, know we are all thinking about you.


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