Tough times lead to new beginnings

Hello everyone! It has been just over a year since I received the incredible gift of my anonymous donor’s bone marrow through an 8-hour infusion! Praise the Lord!

Wow! It’s a new day!

I am reminded about the magic of the morning. What good am I going to do with this time that I have been given? Trying not to get paralyzed with my overly ambitious lists and thoughts but rather striving to channel my new energy into creative problem solving and into making choices that matter. My goal is to calmly see the bigger picture while being fully present with what is going on around me right now. This includes my daily, groggy entrance into the day, checking in to the first thoughts that enter my mind. I usually flow first to people that pop into my mind. I listen to my body, and to each sore muscle that aches from yesterday’s workout. I am alive! I then imagine what each chirping bird looks like while rubbing Watson who is sleeping by my side. I am slowly sipping my coffee while letting these good and bad thoughts flow all over me and sorting them into categories for today. What matters most? The birds voices are working together to create a new song. I can see the sun popping up over the trees through the window, the sunlight coming through is dancing on my pillow. Carl has a ritual to bring me coffee every morning and it is one of my most favorite things. His ritual is usually my only “sure thing” of the day!

During this Corona Virus “lock in” without an imposed schedule, I tend to go from task to task of what matters most at the moment while keeping up with the pulse and special people and work tasks at the office. I am reminded of my quarantine on the transplant floor 1 year and 1 month ago at Emory Hospital. I am grateful that I am not in survival mode occupying a hospital bed anymore. I pray for the many people who are sick from this virus. I talked with Dr. Waller yesterday and he said that Emory is currently transforming half of the transplant floor into an ICU unit in anticipation of a flood of Corona virus patients in Atlanta. This is another scary and uncertain time for all of us. I fear that our city is about to go through a surge of COVID-19 cases. Although I have been off of all of my immunosuppressive drugs for over 6 months and my new immune system is now very strong, I’m going to be extra careful like everyone should. I have been re-immunized with all of my non live vaccines and although I still take Acyclovir to prevent Shingles and a plethora of over the counter supplements, I am off of all of my post-transplant drugs. I am blessed.

I can hear the cautious words of my late Uncle Bill whispering in my ear always reminding me to take precautions and giving me the latest on new developments in medicine, cancer research, tests available and tips on wholistic health. I wonder what he would say about this virus? I miss him terribly each day. He and brother Bill are always on my mind.

Over the last several weeks, Sims Patrick Studio has gone from a healthy bustling company, with our best year ever in 2019, to laying-off many people and making huge reductions in our remaining staff’s paychecks. We are so hopeful that the government can give us some relief to survive this tumultuous time. My core management team and I have been meeting constantly and strategizing on how best to stay together as a firm during this difficult stretch. Since our primary business is the interior architecture and design of hotels and most have temporarily shut down, we have been hit badly. Our Sims Patrick Studio teammates are all working remotely from their cozy home offices. We are very appreciative for the companies and clients that trust us with their hotel projects and especially those that have the ability to continue work on their projects through this unprecedented time in our economy.

On a happy note, I filled out the donor recipient paperwork yesterday! I am hopeful that my selfless, brave and beautiful donor is safe and healthy in New York. I pray for her and that she will want me to know who she is. I want to thank her in person for her selfless and painful act of supreme kindness. In the midst of all of this chaos, it is such a comforting time to realize how blessed I am with so many thoughtful and inspiring friends, a supportive husband, son and family and collaborative colleagues that are such a huge part of my life.

I’m looking for the silver linings. It hit me today that the world being quarantined is similar to my 4 months of quarantine a year ago. I was locked in my hospital room and at home. We are all locked in our homes due to a scary illness and this isolation can be compared to a bone marrow transplant process.

It will get worse before it gets better, Boy, I could write a lot about this analogy. I am hopeful that after the sickness passes, the world, like me, will have the chance to emerge with new blood and new energy that has a focus on what matters most. God is our selfless, loving Donor of the world renewal that is on the horizon!

Thank you, Lord that you comfort, strengthen and guide us and for my angel donor, my amazing family …including dogs, cats and turtles, my brilliant doctors, my friends, my colleagues and this new life that you have given me.


5 thoughts on “Tough times lead to new beginnings

  1. So glad this has been a good year for you and you’re recovering daily and enjoying life! I know you are anxious to meet your donor and what a wonderful day that will be. Prayers to you and Carl and family and pray we all get over this crazy coronavirus and get back to some good living! Love to all xoxo🙏🙏❤️❤️


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