The Numbers Tell the Story

Numbers tell the story, but so does love! Libby is so grateful to have Aunt C and Uncle R’s love and home to begin her recovery/grafting phase until her home is ready for her.

Libby’s numbers look amazing!

Screenshot 2019-03-19 11.47.36

The left numbers are hers. The right ones are “normal.” WBC is 3.0!!! Woo hoo! Everything is looking good. Her creatinine was still off and her blood pressure has been on the low side, so she will be going to the hospital every day for a while to get fluids.

Also, a HUGE shout out to Metty and Sheri. They have taken on the roles of full-time caretakers with love and awesomeness!

Oh! So on that note, if you haven’t gotten your Libby Ring yet, please know that Sheri is doing her best to work on them. However, with Libby getting out of the hospital a week earlier than expected, and being in charge of her care taking AND the updates at the Patrick home, she is a little behind. They ARE coming though. Thank you for your patience!

And remember you can vote for Libby to be the Over 40 & Fabulous winner every day through March 31! Just click here, like the Facebook page, scroll to find her picture, and vote!

Specific prayers? Continued gratefulness and prayers for her amazing donor. Continued grafting with no complications. Minimal side effects from the grafting and the medications. And staying healthy/no bugs!

Every Cell is Well!

5 thoughts on “The Numbers Tell the Story

  1. Wooo Hooo!!! Look’in great!!!
    Wow, you’ve come a long way in three weeks. Glad your numbers are doing so well and that you’re out of the hospital!!! You’re definitely in great hands!!!
    Continuing to pray and sending positive thoughts.


  2. Libby, you could not be in better hands with your Mom and Sheri…add Lisa to the mix and you are set! I love the pictures!!! Love YOU


  3. Amazing Libby, keep up the good work. Keep resting. And Happy St. Joseph’s Day. Alan Hing said Hello, and is thinking about you.


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