Feeling Good

EAECAA0B-6A35-4078-BA6E-A5F3811A0B03The latest from Libby: I’m feeling pretty good. Just finishing lunch at California Kitchen after another positive appointment and labwork at Emory.

DA157085-47F0-423D-92EC-52236C78A665Dr. Waller popped in as a surprise. He said that he just wanted to say hello since I was always so fast coming in and out. He said that if you have not had to see a doctor yet in the clinic then you are doing great! He said it twice! Joel, the PA, had been in and although there are a few blood counts are low and a few that are high, he said my blood work looks perfect! Of course with caveats! Evidently at day 44 it’s perfect!

Still feeling shaky at times with off and on nausea and lots of fatigue. I’m hoping the fatigue will diminish as I continue with my cardio/full body fitness plan. Yay, I gained two pounds back since Monday! I don’t want to lose any more muscle mass than I already have. Eating more calories each day even though I have no appetite or taste seems to be working.

What a great day! Praise the Lord!

Every Cell is Well!

Another good day! 

IMG_4821On day 30 after the Bone Marrow Stem Cell transplant they took blood from Libby to determine the progress of the engraftment process and determine what percentage of the blood in my body is still hers and how much is the donor’s. They check for 2 compartments including T cells and B cells. This is called Chimerisms. 

The results came in yesterday that she has 100% donor T cells and 100% B cells. This is a great thing! She is so excited! This is a really good sign that everything is going great! The mood around the house after this news was celebratory!!!!

Thank you for your continued prayers for her body to accept her new cells and that they flourish, that her side effects of nausea and fatigue are well managed, and that her donor is thriving! Every Cell is Well!