The Most Boring Patient

IMG_7761How do you think it feels to be named the Most Boring Patient on the Floor by your transplant doctor? Well, if you know Libby, that has to do with her symptoms, not her personality! She is officially in the Wine Cellar! If you are just catching up, after a bone marrow transplant, the doctors and nurses call the period of time while you are completely immune compromised the Basement. Libby, of course, has renamed that the Wine Cellar. In that close up of her Wine Cellar phase above, today is March 7 and she is +9 days old! Since she got the actual marrow instead of the usual peripheral cells, she may be in the Wine Cellar longer than this graph shows, but the doctors are so impressed with how she is doing, they also say she could possibly remain on this track. Time will tell.

Libby has had two really good days in a row.  She has really only had one really rough night so far. Right now is the waiting game.  Since she has no white blood cells and her other counts are declining, it is really important that Libby doesn’t get any sort of bug.  The usual symptoms are listed on that graph; she is only having a few of them. The doctors and nurses are managing those symptoms while we wait for her bone marrow to graft.

She woke up this morning after having an “ok” night. Bad headache. Headaches seem to be one of the worst symptoms and require just the right medicine cocktail to manage them without causing other issues.

She continues to walk a mile in the halls and ride the stationary bike at least 10 miles every day (there is a fitness room down the hall). Yesterday she rode 13 miles. So far, she is the only patient on the floor that we have seen actually using that room. Are you surprised?

Libby has kept pretty busy keeping in touch with her office and as many people as she can, and is frequently hooked up to something. We are working on getting into a routine of giving an update here, even if it is brief. Sorry we haven’t been better so far!

Prayer Warriors, please continue your prayers! They are powerful. She feels them. In terms of specific prayers, managing her symptoms and keeping her bug-free are at the top of the list. Thank you!

9 thoughts on “The Most Boring Patient

  1. I hate boring people….but you have always been an exception to the rules as long as I have known you. Be boring Libby !


  2. So thankful to have an update! Thinking of you constantly and lifting you up in prayer my sweet friend!!!


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